​I was always in good shape, played sports my whole life, and never got injured.  It wasn’t until I started weightlifting more seriously and getting stronger that I noticed the many imbalances in my body.  I’ve spent years researching the biomechanics of human movement, and applying it to my own practice, and still, what I knew wasn’t enough.  I also knew that unfortunately most people didn’t know more, and couldn’t do quite what I needed, which was to take my fitness and address the concerns to allow for me to elevate it to another level.  There were deficiencies in my musculature, limited range of motion in certain planes, and so on.  After a conversation and one session with Melissa, I felt better than I’d ever felt.  Perhaps of equal importance, I felt reassured that I was in the proverbial hands of someone who knew enough to teach me what I didn’t know, and allow for me to move at a level I didn’t know I could.  I have been receiving regular treatment from her since, and have improved in virtually every aspect of movement.  There isn’t one nagging issue she hasn’t been able to not only help but completely eliminate.  I thank her dearly for this.  To be able to take someone who has had no real injuries and be able to work on them to allow for even greater health and well-being is, I think, a very rare skill.  She’s as important and ongoing a piece of the athlete’s arsenal as a barbell and food.


​Melissa is nothing short of incredible.  I had lingering injuries in my right hip and right shoulder.  Through incredible good luck I was introduced to her, and she very quickly saved me from further pain.  With each session, my hip and shoulder felt better, until I was completely pain-free.  I’m able to freely work out, recover, and visit her whenever I have a tweak, for her to magically heal up.  Even more impressive is the fact that she illuminated the cascade of issues that had resulted, without my knowledge, from the hip and shoulder, and of course went ahead and fixed those to.  I suggest visiting her immediately, whether you’re broken or not, and to keep seeing her.  You’ll feel better than you ever have or ever could otherwise.
​- Paul

Melissa is my first stop for aches and pains. Her knowledge of the human body and how everything interacts is amazing. I feel that even when I have no clue what I actually hurt, I can explain the pain and area and she is fixing me up in no time. I also love her schedule and location flexibility. Having an amazing woman come to my house to give me a massage on my time? How could I not love her! 

​- Taylor

​Melissa has helped me with debilitating low back pain and shoulder pain, and in just one appointment she’s helped me feel substantially better.  I have an office job that has me hunched over a keyboard all week, which is no good for your back or shoulders.  Add to that I do crossfit, so I have an urgent need to relieve my tight stiff muscles.  Melissa not only helps by loosening your those muscles causing trouble, but she’s helped me identify the areas that were causing me pain and has taught me how to treat those areas on my own.  For example, my low back pain ended up being caused by a tight QL, once I solved that my low back pain was gone.  Melissa is a good option if you want long lasting muscle relief.  I would sincerely see her before you have back surgery or start getting shots from your doctor for pain relief.

​- Roberto

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